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Pecafil Universal Formwork

Pecafil® universal formwork elements

Pecafil is a sacrificial formwork system for construction of ground beams, pile caps and ribbed slabs. Also used as a separation layers between bored pile and sheet pile walls and the concrete construction. Elements can also be adapted for use as weather, dust and privacy protection screens. Pecafil universal formwork elements are UV stabilised, environmentally friendly, neutral to ground water and recyclable. Release agents are not used with Pecafil universal formwork elements.

 For a full product listing and a guide on selection of FRANK PecaFil range please see HERE

Typical applications:

  • Ground beams, pile caps and other foundations
  • Foundation formwork as a separation layer
  • Ribbed slabs 
  • Weather, dust and privacy protection screens
There is a wide range of sizes available.  For projects requiring higher grades that standard stocked items please CONTACT US.

How to Order

Pecafil can be purchased by either minimum sheets of 20 or as pallet quantities.
The dimensions are noted on each part number.  Remember: 
  • Always allow for 150mm overlap for joins
  • Avoids the hassles involved in stripping work, cleaning and disposal
  • Thanks to the all-in-one delivery of lost formwork, setting, reinforcement and concreting can take place in a single cycle with no need for an on-site hoisting device or electric supply
  • Environmentally friendly product since it uses polyethylene fi lm (which also means that it can be used in water protection areas)
  • Depending on the site it may be possible to reuse Pecafil formwork material
Save time and money - increase the speed of your project! 
Have a look at the applications you can use Pecafil >> PecafilGallery

Note:  DuraConc does not offer a pre-bent service.  All product shipped in flat form