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Fibre Reinforced Extruded Distance Tubes

Distance tubes

Distance tubes are used to guarantee concrete wall thickness using reusable tie bars.  They are the engineered solution for formwork shutter ties.
For a full product listing and a guide on selection of FRANK Distance Tubes please see HERE

 Advantages of Distance Tubes

  • High compressive strength
  • Large contact area, therefore reduced pressure on the formwork
  • Conform to DIN EN 1992-1-1:2011-01 (Eurocode 2) and DIN 18216 (formwork ties for concrete formwork)
  • Can be manufactured as an impermeable shutter tie system
  • Fire resistance rating F30 - F180 and suitable for fire walls (F90) to DIN 4102
  • For drinking water reservoirs FRANK offers the “TW“ version of the distance tube, with approval for drinking water applications and can be used without any restrictions.

The distance tubes come with the following variables:
1.  Length
2.  Diameter
3.  Stopping systems
4.  Epoxies, grouts and other sealing plugs
Standard products are as shown as available on the Home- Buy Now page. 

FRANK exposed concrete sealing cones

During formwork erection and concreting of walls using reusable tie bars conical recesses in the concrete are formed. FRANK exposed fibre-reinforced concrete sealing cones do not only allow for sealing these recesses, but they are at the same time a modern architectural design feature. 
  • Individual design possibilities for concrete surfaces
  • Quick and reliable sealing of recess holes
  • Smooth surface of low porosity
  • Exposed concrete of the highest quality
  • Part of an impermeable sealing system for shutter tie holes
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FB-Kombistop for simple sealing of shutter ties

FRANK offers a new sealing stopper FB-Kombistop made of fibre-reinforced concrete and silicone rubber for sealing of shutter ties. This material combination allows for watertight sealing of distance tubes by simply driving in the sealing stopper using a rubber mallet. 

Distance tubes can be sealed quickly and simply at any time without interruption to work on the construction site. As the stopper is immediately effective, the next concrete pour can commence without delay and the stopper can be exposed to hydraulic pressure.
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